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  • Planning ahead... Starting to write the baby list these days, been reading and researching what we need to prepare for the arrival of the baby and the list just goes on and on... We’re trying to shortlist some must-have necessities, what are/were yours?
  • Celebrating my love’s birthday with our baby bump today 💕

  • Hello, my little dumpling 🥟
  • #summerlook ☀️
  • Makeup essentials 💄
  • Shades of brown 🧡
  • Coffee date ☕️⁣
Being a coffee lover, I am surprised how easy it was to cut out my caffeine intake once I found out I was pregnant.⁣
Actually for the first 3 months, I even felt repulsed when I smelled coffee!⁣
But as my pregnancy progresses, I’m slowly getting my appetite back and of course that includes my coffee urge!⁣
The only difference is now I can only drink a few sips instead of a few cups a day because the rush is simply too much for my body to take, so my husband ends up drinking both his and mine 😆😆😆
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